Client: Public Policy @ Google

Project Type: Website

The challenge: Believe it or not, in some places of the world people need to be convinced that the internet is a valuable thing. International policy makers use this site to access reports with data and information relating to the Value of the Web. However, this project came to us with a seriously dated website, and hadn't been updated with new reports in years. It needed am overhaul of content, design, and a new back end to make updates easy. 

Dry economic reports are not the place for juicy photography or stunning visuals. This was a fun opportunity to find a way to make a visually appealing site with very little visual content.  I needed to find a way to make that dry content compelling using the most basic design elements of color, typography and layout. 



I started by designing out two very different aesthetics. We ended up moving forward with many of the elements from direction one, but with a more unexpected color palette inspired by direction two. 



The designs are fairly simple, but use big highlight hover states to make interactive elements come to life. Fresh colors draw attention, high contrast rule lines organize the content, and bright icons introduce pops of interest.