Steely or Koff?


Thomas and I, being the artists that we are, decided to make getting married an opportunity to reinvent how we think about a (normally) formulaic and patriarchal practice. We turned our party into a competition to see whose last name we would take. Steely vs. Koff, who’s side would win?

For photography, I partnered with my friend Ross Paffett, who was able to bring my vision to life in his photo studio. With his images, I was able to build a website and suite of wedding collateral that felt refreshing and different from the stuff you usually see out there. Thomas’s aesthetic is black and white, and mine is super colorful, so I wanted to represent us both in the design approach.

We also had fun designing the experience around the games, and the naming ceremony that would follow. Wondering who won? Learn about it here.


Printed things