re:Work with Google


Client: People Operations @ Google

Project Type: Website

The challenge: Creating a meaningful and productive workplace is a challenge that all businesses face, no matter their size or industry. Some do it more successfully than others. What if there was a way to share tools and lessons from the best workplaces out there so that we can learn from each others' successes?  

We partnered with the People Operations team at Google to build exactly that: a curated platform of data and science from Google and other companies who are actively working to make work better. 



After identifying our goals, I collaborated closely with our clients to produce designs, starting with highly conceptual style tiles to define the look and feel. Google's Material Design guidelines had just dropped, and I was striving to make re:Work feel like it came from the Google universe, yet stand somewhat independently from the core brand. 

It's interesting that although we chose direction one initially, over the course of many iterations we veered to a design that was far more in line with concept two. 



One of the fun challenges was that the subject matter of HR is traditionally not a very visual one—it usually is represented by stock photos of people in suits and poorly done powerpoints. This led to an exploration in abstract illustration, where we landed on a color system using interesting textures to define the main topics on the site. 



We worked in a series of sprints, constantly iterating, to get a design prototype ready for user testing. After testing we continued to tweak as we approached the finish line to launch. 

unbiasing 4.png