Plastic Pollution Campaign


Client: The ACP (Aquarium Conservation Partnership), a coalition of 19 U.S aquariums, led by Monterey Bay Aquarium

Project Type: Illustration, Campaign

The problem: Plastic pollution is seriously impacting ocean life. By 2050, there is projected to be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Yet we use these "disposable" items every day—straws, cups, lids, bags, wrappers, etc— that aren't actually in any real way "disposable." 

The data out there is startling, but there has yet to be a grassroots plastic pollution movement to get this into public consciousness.

The solution: We came up with a consumer campaign concept that put the plastic into the place of sea life. Coupled with a strong policy arm, this campaign will be featured in aquariums and their communities across the country.

Here's a nice article from the Baltimore Sun on the campaign launch.  



The best part of this design challenge was to create an illustration series that married the actual plastic items with recognizable sea creatures. 



Early Sketching

Version 1: A rough digital sketch to get the concept across.

Version 2: In this version the illustrations were far too detailed, so that they were distracting from the concept.


Version 3: I worked to find the right balance between abstract and realism so that the illustrations would not overpower the concept.

In Situ