Hustle Redesign


Hustle is the leading P2P texting solution that allows organizations to build meaningful relationships at scale. It was originally built as a progressive grassroots organizing tool, but their focus was shifting from political organizations to larger enterprise and commercial clients. They needed a brand to match, and quickly.

It was too soon to reinvent the mark itself, so I worked with the palette and typography to create a less political, more modern, enterprise-ready look and feel. In tandem, the product marketing team worked on new messaging and we came together to overhaul the website and all of our collateral.






One of the big challenges we faced was how to humanize the brand: using photography of either end of the product experience basically boiled down to showing people face-down on their phones or computers, which is the opposite message from what we want to communicate. But the original illustrations felt very political, and not relatable or diverse. We decided to use full color illustration so that we could explain abstract concepts with a human touch—and also showcase diversity, an important value at Hustle.

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How it works page

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Customers stories

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Use case page

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