Google Economic Impact Report


The challenge: Google puts out a yearly report to detail the economic impact of the web and how Google helps small businesses to flourish. The data is collected on both a national and state level, along with vignettes of real businesses in each state.

The report consists of an interactive website, 51 brochures for each state (plus DC), and a huge national report document. Each piece must feel consistent and relate to each other while changing form factors from digital to two separate print layouts. 

The process: I designed the site and print reports from 2012-2016. This year’s focus was on bringing the design more in line with Google's Material Design. 

A major challenge of this project is wrangling content for all 51 individual reports. I work closely with both the photographers and client to create photo guidelines, make selects, provide guidance on retouching, then take the final photos and work them into the designs. 

I worked alongside our UX lead to create templates that work with a large amount of flexibility to accommodate many different types of photos, lengths of content, and different featured stats — while keeping the goal in mind of telling the stories of local business owners.

The result: I'm pretty pleased with this iteration of the report, featuring broad washes of color, clean and simple typography, and smooth interactions.