Jenna Van Hout is an independent designer & artist in the Bay Area

More projects

Google Campus Startup Report

A responsive website to showcase successes and numbers around the startup communities at Google’s six global Campus locations.

re:Work with Google

I worked with the People Operations team at Google to design a learning platform of revolutionary HR resources from innovative companies around the world.

UK Labour Party 2015 General Election

I spent 6 weeks embedded with the Labour Party in London as their Digital Designer for the 2015 General Election.

The Value of the Web with Google

The Public Policy team at Google needed a website to aggregate reports from around the world on the internet.

In Our Hands with the Monterey Bay Aquarium

A plastic pollution campaign in partnership with the leading aquariums across the USA to curb single-use plastic consumption.

Keepers of the Constants

A booklet I designed as part of a larger alternate reality game for an event. iPad app

An iPad app to combine editorial content with makeup tutorials and community forums.

MSG Network mobile livestreaming app

An exploratory iPad app for MSG Network as they tested the water on mobile livestreaming.

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Side projects 

My creative energy is fueled by more than client work—here’s some projects that have brought me joy in my spare time.

LadyLounge: Giving an online community it’s identity

I designed the branding and some graphics for LadyLounge, a women’s Facebook community in the Bay Area.

Steely or Koff: Standing out in a sea of pastel

My partner and I turned a familiar event into an unforgettable competition, memorialized with a avant-garde photography and a sleek web experience.

Weiß Magazine: Satire at it’s best

A satirical publication that puts a critical lens on the Bay Area art scene.

36 Days of Type: A daily challenge

I designed a character each day for 36 days.

Pelchemy Brewing Co

Branding, packaging and more for my dad’s homebrew.

Fire-Breathing Giraffes: the coolest thing I ever built

That time that I designed and built two 20-foot giraffes that spewed fire from their mouths.

Hustle Conference Room Posters

When I was working at Hustle, I designed posters suited to the names of our celestial-themed conference rooms.