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Happy plates

I made some plates that I rather like. I’m enjoying exploring different masking techniques—the face is done by painting with wax resist—the glaze doesn’t stick (or sticks less) to the wax, and the other one is straight up masking tape.

I love the effect of the wax resist, but it is finicky to use—I have to go over the whole thing after the glaze dries to clean up the glaze that filmed over the wax—which means I have to essentially do the painting part twice.

The first time I used wax resist on a mug I erroneously assumed that the glaze on top of the wax would bead off, which definitely didn’t work. And when you think about it, of course it doesn’t work, because the wax would melt off and vaporizes long before the glaze activates. I just didn’t think about it hard enoug—so after I ruined that piece, I learned my lesson.

I have some new face plates in the kiln where I trailed the wax resist from a bottle rather than painting with a brush, which I thought would be faster. It turns out that while it is faster to apply, the thick trails of resist take forever to dry, and the flow from the bottle is quite hard to control so I had a lot more thick-and-thin dribbly lines than I would have wanted. We’ll see how those ones turn out.