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To imitate is to learn

I have been an admirer of the work of Eyvind Earle since since seeing an exhibit of his work at the Walt Disney Museum in the Presidio a few years back. Earle spent a few years as a stylist and scenery designer for Disney, most notably as the lead stylist for Sleeping Beauty. Earle had an ability to understand and manipulate shape and color in mesmerizing ways, turning rote landscapes into visual wonderlands. Being up close and personal with his massive paintings and serigraphs at the exhibit allowed me to dive deep into his landscapes and appreciate the painstaking detail that he would layer into a piece.

I’ve has it on my project backlog to imitate some of his works in order to better understand his process and style, with the hopes of gleaning some new illustration inspiration from deconstructing his work. But the one time I sat down to do it, I was pretty instantly dissuaded at the amount of time, energy and painting supplies I would need to stock up on to achieve something halfway decent.

So for my first real Procreate challenge, I decided to copy a favorite Eyvind Earle painting. While all of his work is amazing, I have a particular love for his trees—he has a way of transforming simple shapes into highly expressive forms, and creating texture and depth using a mixture of geometry and organic form.

It also was an excellent way to explore some of the features of procreate after watching a few tutorials—I used a number of different masking and clipping techniques, and experimented with both kit brushes and adding some downloaded ones.


My recreation


One of the delightful features of Procreate is the effortless timelapse export— I have always found mesmerizing to watch other artists’ speed drawings, and now I can very easily create my own.