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LadyLounge is an SF-based volunteer collective of women and female-identifying persons who meet once a month for a variety of enriching potluck experiences led by members. Topics range from the arts, to health and wellness, to horticulture—but the common thread is a supportive, inclusive community of women helping and teaching other women. The organizer reached out to me to design the identity and a system of graphics for the events.

But what is the voice of a modern feminist support group? I started out exploring more traditionally feminine aesthetics, but quickly tired of what I realized was expected clichés: scripty fonts, pastels, gentle florals. From there I turned to a colorful, unapologetically bold approach. The wordmark is a combination of strength and directness in the all caps, sometimes-slab serif structure, but a few rounded edges soften the intensity.

For the system, overhead photography works beautifully to compliment the topics and drives a variety of unexpected and nuanced color combinations and textures.


The logomark


Event graphics

Herbal remedies.jpg
healthful cooking.jpg
houseplant hangout.jpg

I’m excited to continue designing for LadyLounge and see how it evolves over time!

Personal branding

I’ve been messing with gradients and colors that I find to be delightful for the past few weeks, but the other night I started playing around with some abstractions of my new initials, JVH. I always find it interesting to see how different designer set themselves up for iteration and what journey that iteration takes. In my case, its always a tangential mess that I can read clearly but I imagine it looks like chaos to outsiders.

Here’s the clean version of the top contenders and my path of exploration:

Artboard 1-100.jpg

And here’s a peek under the hood at the full story, which is all the steps that you don’t see in the above graphic:

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 1.15.52 PM.png