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Introducing the Playspace
This week's prompt is Collage. 

This week's prompt is Collage. 

I'm working with some peers on efforts to push my design team be more creative, innovative, and thoughtful about how we approach our work. Part of that is making the time and space to play and experiment more, and share it with each other as inspiration. This is something that I do fairly regularly (and tend to document here), but in order to get others on board, there always needs to be some level of process introduced so it has a shape that others can adopt. 

Enter the Playspace. It's a public Tumblr where we are allowed to play without the constraints of client work. We've worked to build out a long list of prompts, and each week will be announcing a new one to inspire the team to make whatever they want. It's optional, but I'm hoping that participation will be infectious as the late-adopters see how cool it is to be a part of this. So far the usual suspects (our creative powerhouses) have been posting regularly. 

If all goes to plan, this will become a regular creative outlet for the team, and be something we enjoy contributing to, talk about and develop over time. There's pontential for it to fail, if no one uses it— we're in the early days of it so I'm excited to see what happens.