The maker’s itch

These are my teapots. I am very proud of them. 🍵

I took a pottery class in December and have found myself completely intoxicated by clay. The past few months I have spent hours upon hours in the studio—experimenting, playing, and most of all, learning.

This tea set is for my dad, a big tea nerd 🤓 who loves Japanese style kyusu teapots. It was my first complex construction challenge that I’ve seen through and am pleased with the results. I made two of them in case I messed something up along the way—many of my pieces don’t quite turn out the way I would like, and if I’ve learned anything so far it is that nothing is precious. By making two I could both play with variations on form, and have a backup in case I broke one.

Here’s to growth and continued learning, and to scratching that maker’s itch!