Jenna Van Hout - Freelance Designer
Jenna Van Hout is an independent designer & artist in the Bay Area
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Why I’m Different

Okay so there’s a lot of freelancers out there. What makes me so special?

Design is my first love, but client services are my second nature. My very first job out of design school (over a decade ago—time flies) was at a technology consultancy. As a consultant, I was embedded on-site with my project teams at businesses such as Bloomberg HQ in New York City for the majority of my work week. Right from the start, my understanding of how to be a good, professional designer revolved around interacting with and presenting to my clients directly, not via a middle man (or woman).

I bring a strong, outside, expert point of view to your project. You may find that it’s difficult to get things done effectively in-house. This can happen for many reasons: it may be because your team is juggling many, varied initiatives, or it may be that you are so deep in your own experience that it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. By bringing in an outside expert, you are able to gain a completely fresh perspective, one that is hyper-focused on solving your business problem for you—without all the noise or chaos of in-house life to worry about.

High value at a low cost. If you were to work with an agency, add a zero to the price I quote you. While there are times you would want to work with a full service team, working with my company of one will allow us to be lean, fast, and adaptable—without the overhead of paying for an entire organization’s time and resources.

If I can’t do it, I’ll find someone who can. My expertise is in visual design, and I can offer limited support in other areas like strategy, writing, and development—however, I’ll be the first to admit when your needs are beyond my abilities. I have a rich network of other freelance professionals to tap, many of whom I have worked with before and have personally vetted—from writing to strategy, film to photography, development to marketing—just ask! (Even if it’s not for a project we work on together—I’m eager to connect companies to great resources, and freelancers to great projects!)

Want to work together?