Jenna Van Hout - Freelance Designer
Jenna Van Hout is an independent designer & artist in the Bay Area
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Why I freelance

I started freelancing because good design freelancers are hard to find. I know, because I’ve looked! During my time in-house and on design teams, we were constantly seeking additional resources to help with our fluctuating workloads. It was very hit-or-miss—the majority of them being misses. Simply put, there’s a lot of mediocrity out there. I wanted someone who:

  • Is both strategic AND executional—can both THINK and DO

  • Can offer a strong point of view and bring something new to the table; isn’t simply agreeable to all requests

  • Has experience managing client relationships

  • Communicates clearly and manages their projects and time effectively

  • Is low ego and professional about feedback

  • Does what is best for the client, not just what is trending right now on Dribbble

  • Creates high-quality design deliverables

When we did find these rare specimens, we clung to them for dear life. But I found most freelancers to fall short of my expectations. So when I was ready to move on from my last in-house role, I decided there was an opportunity to become the freelancer I wanted to see in the world.

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