2018 in review

What a year. In short, I thrived. There’s some amount of guilt that comes with feeling personal satisfaction when the world seems to be going to shit, but as an individual, I feel very fulfilled in what I accomplished last year.


  1. Marrying the love of my life in an insanely beautiful, weird and unique ceremony, in a church we built, surrounded by our amazing community in the middle of the desert


2. Facilitating a silly and wonderful naming competition in which our new last name was decided

3. Helping Thomas to swingbomb San Francisco (#SwingbombSF)

4. Leaving an unsatisfying job to start freelancing—a journey into the empowerment and responsibility of self-employment

5. Sewing my own wedding dress, among other new costume pieces I made this year (including matching his and hers weirdo jackets, 3 different headpieces/hats, and several pairs of leggings)

6. Reverse-engineering a discarded geodesic dome, which was a wildly satisfying logic puzzle to solve

7. Roadtripping across the Southwest for the first time and seeing so much natural beauty my head exploded; subsequently falling deeply in love with canyons and red rocks

8. Designing side projects that brought me great fulfillment—such as partnering with witty geniuses to create a satire publication from scratch, and high-production party invites for an intergalactic gala

9. Nurturing newish friendships and creative partnerships that provided great nourishment to my soul!

10. Buying my first car. Yes, I’m 32—but I’ve lived NYC and SF my entire adult life and gotten by just fine with some combination of my feet, my bicycle, public transportation and the occasional Lyft. I still more or less bike everywhere for my day-to-day life, but having a car has been liberating for weekend trips and spontaneous adventures.