Unedited photos are back...

And they look super cool! I'm really excited. Ross did an incredible job shooting to my direction, and he is a wizard with flash lighting.

Flash photography has always been a bit of a mystery to me; in design school photography classes I learned how to use hot lights and control how they filter, focus and bounce light around, and it's very WYSIWYG that way—every adjustment you make is immediately visible, and you are just shooting that visible light. But with flash, you really have no idea until you take the shot and review it. And after each adjustment, you need to take another test shot to see if the light is pointing the right way, at the correct power level, with the right levels on your camera and such. So in a way it seems trickier and more intimidating. But I now see how nice it is to have much smaller/lightweight gear that doesn't get ultra hot. It certainly is an art form, and I am grateful for such a rad friend who wants to do this for me!

Heres a quick sneak peek at a few of the unedited shots. We still have some post-processing to do to manipulate the lights a bit and clean things up, but I am just thrilled with what I'm seeing!

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