Portrait Inspiration

Thomas and I are engaged! With weddings come a lot of bullshit, and a lot of same-same. But we are weirdos, and we are artists. And we would like to subvert the traditional wedding route. 

First off, we're getting married at Burning Man. So that will be different and wonderful. But we will also be having a wedding in October for the friends and family who don't go to Burning Man. I haven't been that excited about planning the second wedding, because its hard to do without getting plugged into the industrial wedding world—which I loathe. But we came up with a concept now that I'm really stoked about. We're going to make the October wedding into a competition between our families/friends to decide which last name we both take. 

So for this competition-wedding, we need some engagement photos taken. But I don't want them to be normal, expected engagement photos, such as Thomas and I gazing at each other in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. I want the website and save-the-dates to have a colorful, moody vibe. As a nod to our respective aesthetics, the site will have a black and white base (Thomas), and colorful photography (me).

My friend Ross has volunteered to help me realize this vision. He's got a lot of gear and gels, and is excited to do a shoot. Here's some shots from the moodboard I shared with him:

We're meeting tonight to play around before scheduling a real shoot. I'm excited!