"Don't refer to yourself as a brand."

I got some good spiritual advice this weekend from an experienced freelancer. He encouraged me to spend this initial start up time exploring my art and figuring out what my voice is. Which is… pretty much exactly what I’ve been trying to focus on. It’s awesome hearing it from an outside source though. He was really speaking my language when he told me that “you spend so much time working for companies that you train you to think like them, to deliver what they want. The commercial world mainstreams your point of view. Right now you should focus on what makes you unique as an individual and a person. This is one of the few chances you get to really recover that identity, and think about the kind of work you want to do, and then go do it.

…And don’t refer to yourself as a brand—that’s a small version of who you really are. You’re a person. You’re authentic. Don’t become like them.”

So nourishing to have that discussion. Thanks for the advice!