Missing Obama


I just finished reading Michelle Obama’s autobiography, Becoming. It was a great read, and made me nostalgic for our former first family and the legacy they created. Her story was authentic and heartwarming, and painted a very human portrait of both herself and Barack through what must have been such challenging years.

I found myself enjoying her stories as a young girl—how she perceived her family and surroundings, how education and discipline played such a strong role in her development, and the role models and mentors she leaned on and learned from as she grew.

The chapters focused on the White House years were fascinating—it’s rare to be able to get the insider perspective of things that happened in our country and touched our nation and the world over those years. Even the more mundane details about everyday life in the White House were interesting—it’s a life I could never imagine for myself, and hearing how someone with humble beginnings navigated such a foreign environment was captivating.

It’s a punch to the gut to wake from this warm story’s reverie to realize where the presidency has gone since Obama left office. I miss the dignity, respect, and human empathy that characterized the Obamas’ eight-year reign. How far we’ve fallen! I’m looking forward to 2020, praying that the blue tide will continue to rise.