Calligraphy for friends

My friend recently returned from a month-long yoga teacher training retreat in Central America and is working toward becoming a fully certified yoga teacher. This means another 200 hours or so of practice, and free yoga for friends like me! She has a penchant for posting hand-lettered things she finds around the internet, so I offered to share my amateur calligraphy skills with her.

I enjoyed having a brief to respond to—once a designer, always a designer, I suppose. Sitting down to practice can be free and fun, but I think I prefer to have a goal or deliverable in mind to work toward.  

Here's how it turned out. 

Below is just the lettering, and also a version over a photo for a different vibe. 

The process was pretty simple—I sketched some ideas out in quick thumbnails, then took it to paper using a Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen for the script and a Pentel Sign Pen for the san-serif. Next I used layers of trace paper to iterate, reposition, and generally play around. What I ultimately scanned was a few different compositions, and then I hacked together the best parts in photoshop to create the final composition. 

I painted my own watercolor wash, but I wasn't satisfied with how it dried. In a pinch for time, I just found one online and tweaked the colors in Photoshop instead of trying another wash.

Dear readers, if you have any ideas or needs for this skill, let me know! I'm interested in continuing my practice through small assignments for friends.