Make Space for Making

I'm trying to practice my hand-lettering as much as possible. One thing that has really helped is having all the tools I need ready to go—no set up, no tear down needed. I've never had the luxury of a home workspace before, but Thomas and I have prioritized having ample space for creativity in our new life together. (we're moving again, long story, but the workspace will follow us... and then some, as we're moving into an apartment that is attached to a wood & metal shop! Makers rejoice.)

I never realized how huge the barrier is if I have to take everything out and clean everything up each time I want to do a thing, such as paint with watercolors, or letter with ink and nib. Now I can just sit down for any length of time—5 minutes, an hour, whatever—and it will always be ready for me. 

This has illustrated the importance of having a dedicated space for making. When I'm set up to be creative, it's easy to be creative whenever I feel like it. It hearkens back to my design school studio—this space was not just where we did our assignments, but where we would hang out, play and create. 

Last weekend after Thomas's birthday picnic, we invited a bunch of friends back to our place where we ended up painting with watercolors and playing with tools like metallic watercolors, salt and waterbrushes. Clustered around my work table, there was no barrier between us sitting down and starting to paint. This is how it should be—easy to access and welcoming to all.