36 Days Later

It's done! All together, my alphabet for 36 Days of Type looks like this:

I'm very pleased with the overall project. There are some letters that I really love (M, S, 0) and also a few that I didn't love but posted just to get something out the door (I, P, R). But when they're all together, I really appreciate my early decision to have 7 colors for the diagonal grid effect.

So how did they perform? There's not a ton to learn from my Instagram analytics, considering how small my following is in general (617 as of writing this), and that I did this for myself, and not in pursuit of any metrics. But still... 

1) Use the hashtags correctly. The one day I accidentally used "@36days_N" instead of "#36days_N" I saw very little activity on my post (I had under 10 likes by early afternoon, by which time I've usually accrued 20-30). I'd say that about only half of my likes on #36daysoftype posts come from friends/followers—and once I corrected my error, the likes started to flow again. 

2) When you give love, you get love. The days that I went down the "#36days_[x]" wormhole and liked/commented on other people's letters, my own engagement went up as well in likes, comments, and follows. 

3) Everyone loves closure. My final post of the grid was, to no surprise, my highest engagement. With 149 likes and 17 comments, people ate that shit up. And rightly so. Who doesn't love a good round up? 

4) Warm colored letters performed the best. Uhm... people like red? And all warm colors (yellow, orange)? None of my top posts were in the cool spectrum (purple, blue, green). Clearly I must make all of my art red in the future. 

That's about it. I'm feeling pretty good about finishing this... and also I'm happy to not have it hanging over my head every morning. Until next year!