Lame Calligraphy

I'm diving pretty deep into the calligraphy world, and I gotta say, a lot of this culture is kinda lame. The letters are gorgeous, and I admire the amount of practice and dedication it takes to execute good calligraphy. But the primary lame applications of the craft fall into several categories:

1) Weddings. Much of calligraphy is seated snugly in the wedding business, which I abhor on principle. To me (mind you I have never had a wedding myself), the wedding industry is massively overpriced, steeped in tradition and expectations, preys on the vulnerable, and turns generally nice people into assholes. However, I see the lucrative side of this business. Many (or seemingly, most?) of my MCS2.0 classmates appear to be young moms, and their side hustle is lettering wedding invites and other bride-and-groom collateral. While it irritates me, I respect the self-employed-working-baby-mamas capitalizing on this skill. 



2) Inspirational quotes. The most basic application of calligraphy is used to make inspirational quotes, which is great practice, but rubs me wrong. Inspirational quotes have just always rang hollow and obnoxious to me. 



3) Religious inspirational quotes. Take my feelings above but multiply them by Christ.