Cool Calligraphy

Calligraphy, like graphic design, is full of mediocrity. But there are some people who are doing it really well, in more creative, less formulaic ways. The following are the artists I admire.

Jessica Hische is a powerhouse of type design. Bow before her! If I can someday be half as good as her, I'd be satisfied. 

Gemma O'Brien is another total badass who take type to a BIG commercial level. By BIG I mean murals. 


Timothy Goodman does really fun sharpie-style art. I like how he bounces between messy-yet-super-slick enormous compositions, and actually-messy stream of consciousness ramblings. 

Jeff Canham does really neat sign painting. I actually came across his portfolio when I was in college (!) and have kept tabs on his work since. Not in a creepy way.