Almost there...

I just finished the alphabet and am working through the numeric characters now. It's been 27 days, 9 left to go. I'm not sure if I've ever done anything this consistently for so long, design exercise or otherwise.

I'm definitely testing the limits of Photoshop's new-ish artboard feature, and sure enough, it started to get glitchy right around half-way. The file is now huge and very sluggish, and random shapes have stopped rendering the thick vector strokes that characterize the style (you can see it in the O and Z above—but it happens on varying levels of zoom, and also messes with my exports). 

I'm looking forward to finishing this up so I can firstly, not have this hanging over my head every day, and second, resume my usual instagram activity. My grid looks suuuper cool right now and I don't want to break it up with photography, but I've been doing such cool stuff outside of this that I'm sad I haven't been able to share it!